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Custom Houseboat Manufacturing

The backbone of business at Sunstar Houseboats is custom houseboat manufacturing.  In the past 16 years, the company has constructed more than 275 boats for clients across the country.  The staff at Sunstar walks each client through the details of their houseboat from the specific layout of their houseboat to the selection of furniture and fabrics that will add the finishing touches.  We want your houseboat to be exactly what you want it to be and the staff at Sunstar Houseboats works hard to ensure that your custom houseboat meets your expectations, from top to bottom, inside and out!  After you have decided to build a custom houseboat, the first step is to complete a spec sheet.  We can provide you with Standard Features that we offer on houseboats or with Options that you can choose from.

In addition to providing you with numerous options for the exterior of you houseboat, we also offer an extensive samples room of fabrics, tile, paneling, carpet and counter-top options from which you can choose.  We encourage you to visit our facility once your houseboat is under construction so you can see first-hand the progress that is being made.

We can also provide you with a list of companies that specialize in the Marine financing.  While we do not recommend a specific company to help you with your financing, these companies are available for you t contact

While we can tell you about Sunstar Houseboats, there are others who can tell you about the work we have done for them.  Read the testimonials from a few of Sunstar's many satisfied customers.

If you  have any questions about building a custom houseboat or how Sunstar Houseboats can help you reach your dream of being a houseboat owner, please contact us at 1-606-348-6648 or e-mail us at info@sunstarhouseboats.com.  We look forward to working with you!