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Parts and Supplies

Have you been looking for a part for your houseboat for weeks and can't find what you're looking for? Sunstar Houseboats can help!  We can help you find the particular part you need, order it for you, have it shipped to our facility or to you directly.  Bobby or Paul can help you determine what you need and assist you in getting your houseboat repaired.  We can also provide you with gelcoat and other supplies that you need in order to maintain your houseboat.  At Sunstar Houseboats, we try and keep specific supplies on hand at our facility so you can simply stop in and get what you need.  In the event we don't have it in house, we can order and have it for quickly.  From water pumps, filters, tanks, engine oil filters, city water hook ups to any other part or supply you may need, we can be your one-stop-shop!

In addition to providing parts, we can also help you with the interior of your houseboat.  If you want to update your furniture or give your houseboat a completely new look with new window treatments, bed spreads and other frabrics, Sunstar Houseboats is the place to contact.  We have an extensive samples room filled with fabrics, carpets, paneling, tile, trim, granite and other materials that can help you change or update the look of your houseboat.  If you want to update or add to your deck furniture, dining furniture, salon furniture or any other piece, Sunstar Houseboats can help.  We can match your existing furniture or fabrics so that the transformation of your houseboat is done with ease.

For more information on finding a part, getting supplies or replacing or repairing fabrics or furniture, let Sunstar Houseboats be there for you! You can contact us at 606-348-6648 or at info@sunstarhouseboats.com.